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I had no idea Victoria Jackson was this deluded.

I never watched SNL regularly so I mostly only remember her fondly from the movie UHF, though I wonder if she was always this ridiculous or she grew into more recently. At one point she actually cites President Obama’s support … Continue reading

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Catholic Archbishop Claims He Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was Illegal

This video left me astounded at how much awful can be vested into a single human being. From Americans Against the Tea Party. Archbishop Robert Carlson, former chancellor of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul,  testified last month that … Continue reading

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I get bizarre spam.

Every once in a while I the spam filter catches a really odd comment on one of my posts. I got this one a few days ago. Agree to this message and we will help save an made up dog!Check … Continue reading

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She’s a witch, burn her.

 This is a humorously intoned line from Monty Python’s search for the Holy Grail.  One of my all time favorite movies. For those who are unfamiliar the scene is involves people using horrible logic to justify burning a woman for … Continue reading

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Nerds are coming for us all! Alex Jones figured it out.

Ok, everything I’ve seen of this guy makes me convinced he is nuts but wow. Apparently we user our brains to hurt people because we weren’t jocks in high school. It does makes me a bit angry that this loon … Continue reading

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Book tells kids measles isn’t so bad.

Found this book for sale on Amazon today through a Salon article that tells kids that it’s safer to get Measles than a vaccination: Melanie’s Marvelous Measles  It’s a children’s book written by some anti-vaccination wackos from Australia. Review from … Continue reading

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Stupid people on Twitter.

So I’ve been posting on twitter more often lately since it allows me to network and it has netted me more followers. (Thanks for following me) In general I’ve had some good conversations, even the religious people I’ve debated have … Continue reading

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I don’t even know what to say.

Recently U.S. Representative Paul Broun, a republican from Georgia and who, unfortunately for the U.S., is a physician and sits on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee had this to say: “God’s word is true. I’ve come to understand … Continue reading

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This is not the way to do things people.

So I ran into this the other day.  Read, through the posts, I’ll give you some time. Now, I don’t really care what rock these people crawled out from under, I don’t care if they believe in god or not … Continue reading

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White Supremacist Runs for Sheriff in Idaho

White Supremacist Shaun Winkler Burns Cross, Runs for Sheriff in Idaho  Shaun Winkler At first  I thought this had to be made up, the guy is just running though, hopefully he has no chance of winning. My favorite disturbing quote … Continue reading

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