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More than half of Fox News statements which Politifact rated were false.

So Pundit Fact recently publishes figures, based upon Politifacts fact checking, which examine how often each of the major news networks got their facts right. Unsurprisingly Fox News continually scores the worst in this examination. Statements made on FOX. True11 … Continue reading

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Fake news, not just for Fox News anymore.

It makes me so darn angry how the liberals in this country are secularizing Christian holidays right out of existence, when Jesus celebrated Easter with his disciples there were no Easter bunnies or egg hunts”   – Sarah Palin I read … Continue reading

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What a Nevada rancher can teach us about Ferguson.

For those who might have forgotten about the Cliven Bundy story, back in April there was a standoff at his ranch when his story was popularized by Fox News and some people who wanted to support him showed up with … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby decision makes my brain hurt.

I’ve just been reading over the Hobby Lobby ruling by the supreme court today and the majority ruling is just baffling to me. Let’s look at two parts of the ruling. First: Nothing in RFRA suggests a congressional intent to … Continue reading

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Catholic priest blames dualism for contraception and moral decay.

This is one of the stranger articles I’ve ran across lately. Contraception: The Gateway to Moral Decay It starts by accurately quoting some statistics from a Gallup poll. At the top of Gallup’s list of 19 issues was contraception, of … Continue reading

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Sye Ten’s debate with Matt Dillahunty a.k.a. the dishonesty of presuppositional arguments.

I just got through watching the debate that Matt Dillahunty did with Sye Ten Bruggencate. During the debate I noticed engaging in a tactic that I’ve dealt with many times in the various conversations and debates I’ve had over they … Continue reading

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Writer for Townhall claims that atheists will take over the Democrats within 10 years.

I ran across this article by Kurt Schlichter By 2024, The Democrats Will Be An Atheist Party I know that is not exactly the most reputable source of information on politics, but this article seems bad even by their … Continue reading

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My opinions on dominionism and the religious right when I was Christian

When I entered college back in the distant past of 1997 I was a fundamentalist Christian. I was proud of this fact, right down to my young earth creationism. There is an assumption that atheists often make that fundamentalism and … Continue reading

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Scalia gets something right…though he still doesn’t really understand why.

While hearing arguments about the constitutionality of having opening prayers for legislative bodies Scalia said something surprising astute. While Alito was asking whether or not a prayer could be constructed to be acceptable to Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus etc., Scalia … Continue reading

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Pastor Robert Jeffress strikes again

Pastor Robert Jeffress did an interview on CNN about prayers in government meetings. He accuses Sandra Day O’Connor of making up with the “phony” endorsement test. The interviewer brings up the endorsement test, quoted below, as an argument that prayers … Continue reading

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