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I’ll be in Arizona this weekend.

I’ll be at the ASU origins project on Violence this weekend among other things so if you are there maybe I’ll see you.

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Geek USA

I just saw this a trailer on Hulu for a movie coming out this year about high school student growing up in the 90’s who is a member of an alternative band. The moving is set in 1997, the same … Continue reading

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Well I’m all moved now.

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, with all the moving and everything I’ve been letting things go a bit, but me and the fiancé are settled into the new place in Oakland, though there is still some unpacking to … Continue reading

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Have you seen this car

So on my fiancé Megan and I took a trip out to Oakland last week to look for an apartment. We found one sot that was good. However I left my car parked on a street behind my fiancé’s apartment … Continue reading

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My personal experience with relationships as I came out of religion.

When I left behind my religious beliefs about ten years ago I was at a loss at how to live in a number of ways. I had organized much of my life around bible studies, church, religious conferences, etc. I … Continue reading

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Found an interesting note sent to me when I was a Christian.

I’ve been cleaning up for moving and I found a note that was sent to me back during my senior year of high-school by some fellow campers at a religious summer camp I went to.  I attended Methodist church in … Continue reading

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Alcohol + Birthday + Karaoke = A Rick rolled bar.

So my birthday was this last weekend and this happened. Yeah, good thing I’m not planning on running for public office.

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A couple of general announcements.

First off I made some business cards for the site and they came in today I think they came out pretty good. Second I will be doing a talk at SkeptiCamp on Jan 26 dealing with the intersection of science … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to.

Sorry I haven’t been posted so much lately.  I have been busy though. First, this past Monday I was invited to debate the topic of abortion with local evangelist Vocab Malone.  The same one I debated morality with a few … Continue reading

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Done moving.

Haven’t been able to post for a couple of days, I’ve been busy moving to a new apt closer to work. Well I am done moving…mostly anyway.  I still have a few boxes to unload.I thought would post a spam … Continue reading

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