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God damn it!!! How dare you make me defend Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum Glitter-Bombed: Presidential Candidate Hit With Glitter In South Carolina I don’t think I should have to tell anyone who reads my blog how much I detest Rick Santorum.  His negative opinions of women, homosexuals, atheists, and pretty much … Continue reading

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Apparently violence is the “normal” response to an undesired sexual proposition.

Wooden & LaBarbera: Anti-LGBT Violence is “Normal”  Peter LaBarbera   Patrick Wooden For those of you who don’t want to listen here is a transcript of the exchange with my own comments interspersed. Wooden: My heart breaks and I literally … Continue reading

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Gay marriage legalized in NY

For a while it seemed like the whole thing was going to be stalled out by religious wingnuts trying to add lines in the bill that allowed them to continue to be bigots while the rest of the world went … Continue reading

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Waaahhh!!! I’m being persicuted, the goverment stopped protecting my right to be a bigot.

                  For those who don’t know, Gordon Klingenschmitt, was a Navy Chaplin who was discharged for misconduct more than four years ago.  He wore his uniform to a rally hosted by the religious right which criticized the government’s policy … Continue reading

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Homosexuals, the perfect scape goat for…well everything apperently.

Gay Men to Blame for Anorexic Models from OnKneesforJesus on Vimeo.                 While I am no fan of the modeling industry, this guy is just ridiculous.  Molotov Mitchell, a commentator for World Net Daily, posted this video recently.  According to … Continue reading

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God needs to take a speech class.

           I read Blag Hag today and saw post which I could not resist commenting on.  Cindy Jabobs, self-styled prophet and founder of the organization “GeneralsInternational,” apparently has a penchant for making grandiose claims.  One of her most grandiose and, … Continue reading

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