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Rabbi Moshe Averick explains to us how he doesn’t understand evolution or atheism.

I’ve written about Moshe Averick a few times before.  Every so often he like to make some inflammatory  post over at the algemeiner about how atheists are amoral and so on. Moshe Averick’s Article: …But Atheism Does Teach That We’re … Continue reading

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True reason ain’t what it used to be.

Some of you may know about the Reason Rally going on in Washington D.C. this weekend.  I am unfortunately unable to attend, but I did come across a website for a Christian group calling themselves True Reason.  (humble I know) … Continue reading

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James Dobson and Daniel Lapin get together and say crazy things.

 Dobson and Lapin Blame Feminism for Everything, Scold Bill Clinton and ‘Womanizer’ Newt Gingrich Rabbi Lapin I ran across this article on earlier and saw something worth noting.  You can listen to Dobson’s full program here if you can … Continue reading

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