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More than half of Fox News statements which Politifact rated were false.

So Pundit Fact recently publishes figures, based upon Politifacts fact checking, which examine how often each of the major news networks got their facts right. Unsurprisingly Fox News continually scores the worst in this examination. Statements made on FOX. True11 … Continue reading

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Psychologist who writes for fox news blames feminism for Weiner’s sexting scandal.

So this article was published a couple of months ago but I just ran into it a few days ago and it was just too ridiculous to pass up commenting on. What Weiner’s sexting scandal tells us about young women … Continue reading

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A typical rant on Fox News about plan B.

Dr. Manny Alvarez goes on a rant about how the government is intruding into medicine by allowing 15 year old women to purchase plan B pills with no prescription: He says that at 15 these women are still children, which, … Continue reading

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Fox news has “balanced” discussion of religious demographics study

So here is something that happened on fox news recently. They are speaking about this study. The “Unaffiliated” Are Now the Third-Largest Religious Group in the World  So the first thing I notice is the total lack of balance here.  … Continue reading

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David Silverman toughing it out on Fox News again.

What follows is a discussion about findings that 54% of Americans would vote for an atheist president. You can view the video here: Now, one of my biggest problems with fox news has to be the unprofessional behavior of the … Continue reading

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Tides go in, Tides go out, and religion as a scam

            American Atheists recently put up this billboard, as an advertisement for the southeast regional atheist meet.  As a result David Silverman, current head of American Atheists was asked to speak on the O’Reilly Factor.  I didn’t catch the interview … Continue reading

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