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Hobby Lobby decision makes my brain hurt.

I’ve just been reading over the Hobby Lobby ruling by the supreme court today and the majority ruling is just baffling to me. Let’s look at two parts of the ruling. First: Nothing in RFRA suggests a congressional intent to … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed Unity, Ubisoft, and the controversy over their lack of female characters.

So, for those who don’t know Ubisoft demoed it’s new Assassin’s Creed game at E3 recently and it was reveled that, like previous Assassin’s Creed games, the main playable character was male. This sparked some criticism, which in turn sparked … Continue reading

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People only want to marry virgins apparently.

Today on buzz feed a person posted images from the abstinence only curriculum in a Texas school district. It explains to us how human beings are exactly like inanimate objects and gives us helpful information like: People want to marry … Continue reading

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Psychologist who writes for fox news blames feminism for Weiner’s sexting scandal.

So this article was published a couple of months ago but I just ran into it a few days ago and it was just too ridiculous to pass up commenting on. What Weiner’s sexting scandal tells us about young women … Continue reading

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Nothing like listening to a sermon to remind me why I don’t go to church.

A book caught my eye today through a social media link called God Behaving Badly. It’s written by a pastor trying to explain some of the more “difficult” passages in the bible from the outlook of a conservative theologian. I’m … Continue reading

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A typical rant on Fox News about plan B.

Dr. Manny Alvarez goes on a rant about how the government is intruding into medicine by allowing 15 year old women to purchase plan B pills with no prescription: He says that at 15 these women are still children, which, … Continue reading

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Arizona campus preacher tells anti-rape protesters: ‘You deserve rape’

Christian preacher Dean Saxton wants women to know that they deserve to be raped.  ‘You Deserve Rape’ sign causes controversy on UA campus. Arizona campus preacher to anti-rape protesters: ‘You deserve rape’ Saxon was quoting as saying: if you dress … Continue reading

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Sexist shirts from Marvel.

I’m a nerd and I’m proud of it, I also think nerd culture should be well positioned to be more aware of gender issues than the population in general, which is why this story made me sad. Sexist ‘Avengers’ T … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal’s statement about birth control not friendly to women’s rights.

Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana who is famous for his support of creationist nonsense in the Louisiana school system says something that on the surface seems reasonable.  He suggests that birth control should be made an over the counter … Continue reading

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Someone doesn’t understand the concept of irony.

Who is this person you ask?  Well they wrote this article. The Feminism of 2 Peter 2:19 This person is confused because the people who rightfully complained that Rush Limbaugh called a woman a slut and jokingly agreed to pay … Continue reading

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