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The Blaze talks about evolution, also never read the comments on a Blaze article.

I ran across an article about creationism and evolution over at the Blaze today. Evolution vs. Creationism: Did God create humans in our current form? The article starts out by referencing an article on Yahoo news that Virginia Heffernan wrote … Continue reading

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Another blogger who thinks evolution is an atheist conspiracy…

Recently the Kentucky Board of Education updated their science standards, and surprisingly enough I don’t have much of a complaint about that. Usually when when I pickup a story about science standards being changed, particularly in highly religious states like … Continue reading

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I see ridiculous tweets.

I saw a post on twitter this evening that went like this. The main reason for the existence of atheism is Christians who do not follow Jesus. — Colton Graham (@LucasColtGraham) August 3, 2013 Now Christians say this all the … Continue reading

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Ken Ham waxing about how atheists are persecuting Christians.

A story has been floating around the blogosphere about a man who was upset to find his child was being taught nonsense science claims at a private school he was sending his child to. Children are being taught in the … Continue reading

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Creationist bets 10,000 dollars no one can disprove Genesis.

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, a member of the Creation Science Hall of Fame, wagered $10,000 that evolutionists cannot disprove the literal reading of Genesis.  I would note that Mastropaolo’s Ph.D. is in kinesiology and is therefore not terribly … Continue reading

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Science reporting on evolution still bad

Ran across this article last night. Have scientists discovered reversible evolution? The article is about evidence that dust mites who are currently parasites may be evolving into a free living organisms. The reason it is talked about as reverse evolution … Continue reading

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Why non-overlapping magisteria doesn’t work.

Non-overlapping magisteria is an idea presented by Steven Jay Gould which basically argues that religion and science can coexist because they focus on different claims.  In non-overlapping magisteria or NOMA for short it is said that science rules over the … Continue reading

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“Academic freedom” bill proposed by Arizona state senate.

These so called academic freedom bills have been making their way around various states the last ten years or so. In fact, one just died in committee in Colorado. Now we have one on the docket in Arizona. amending Title15, … Continue reading

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Some good news out of New Orleans.

I’ve written about several of Louisiana’s weird attempts to push creationism in the last year so I suppose it’s nice that I can write something positive about the state in what will probably be my last post of the year. … Continue reading

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Louisiana is in a worse state than I imagined.

I wrote a while back about Louisiana passing a voucher program that was likely to push creationism onto students by sending them to Christian private schools.  Well the bill passed and has been put into effect this year.  Thanks to … Continue reading

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