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Catholic Archbishop Claims He Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was Illegal

This video left me astounded at how much awful can be vested into a single human being. From Americans Against the Tea Party. Archbishop Robert Carlson, former chancellor of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul,  testified last month that … Continue reading

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Catholic priest blames dualism for contraception and moral decay.

This is one of the stranger articles I’ve ran across lately. Contraception: The Gateway to Moral Decay It starts by accurately quoting some statistics from a Gallup poll. At the top of Gallup’s list of 19 issues was contraception, of … Continue reading

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Arizona High School Forfeits Baseball Final over Female Player

Arizona High School Forfeits Baseball Final over Female Player Paige Sultzbach  I’ve written about this before but Conservative Christians usually don’t respect women, they think they do, but clearly have no idea what respect actually is.  What they respect is … Continue reading

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Another Catholic priest indicated in pedophilia cover up.

Sorry I haven’t been posted for a few days, I’ve been rather sick the last couple of days. Anyway, I ran across this story a few days ago and thought I’d post it.  Bevilacqua ordered memo on priests to be … Continue reading

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Bring up birth control and the Catholic church admits church state separation was actually a thing all along.

Pure evil according the Catholic Church Catholics and other Christian groups are up in arms about the government requiring the insurance companies provide to their employee’s with FDA approved contraceptives.  They are angry because this law is extending to many … Continue reading

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