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Michele Bachmann and the end times.

Bachmann recently claimed that the Iran nuclear deal was a sign of the end times. “These are not fearful times, these are the most exciting days in history,” she insisted. “Talk about what you see in the newspaper. We can … Continue reading

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Herman Cain claims homosexuals are possessed.

After Obama’s recent statements against Gay reparative therapy Herman Cain saw an opportunity to attack the former and defend the latter, and in doing so appeals to the notion that gay people have homosexual urges because they are possessed by … Continue reading

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Understanding RFRA bills

RFRA bills, though being long criticized by many atheists and advocates for social justice, have mostly been ignored by mainstream media, after all the federal RFRA was signed by Clinton back in the 90’s and, at the time, it was … Continue reading

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Kentucky Governor wants us to know that Democrats can make terrible arguments against gay rights too.

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration filed an amicus brief with the supreme court on March 27th arguing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage isn’t discriminatory because it applies to straight people, too. The brief has this to say: Kentucky’s marriage … Continue reading

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More goofiness from Deepak Chopra

I’m not sure what the reason is, but well known, and supposedly reputable, news outlets like CNN keep giving Chopra a platform for his nonsense, and as usual atheists and skeptics are his favorite target of criticism. Standing back a … Continue reading

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How atheists screw up religious freedom discussions.

Any atheist, or secular minded Christian for that matter, has probably heard one, or most likely all, of the following arguments from Christian fundamentalists/evangelicals while debating the meaning of freedom of religion. Fundamentalists assert that this is a Christian nation, … Continue reading

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The Nightly Show on free speech, and word bans.

So a couple of days ago The Nightly Show aired an episode talking about free speech and the banning of words. You can see the full episode here: Nightly Show: March 11, 2015. In particular he mentions two examples, one … Continue reading

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Review of God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, chapters 4-7.

Second video in review series. I cover chapters 4 through 7.

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I had no idea Victoria Jackson was this deluded.

I never watched SNL regularly so I mostly only remember her fondly from the movie UHF, though I wonder if she was always this ridiculous or she grew into more recently. At one point she actually cites President Obama’s support … Continue reading

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What’s so bad about being an evangelical atheist?

So, a day or two ago on Facebook I ran into the meme on the right. If a Christian had shared it I might have taken them to task right then and there, but instead it was a fellow atheist … Continue reading

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