Adam4D insults our intelligence with a comic about homosexuality

Adam4D calls refers to itself as “a curiously Christian webcomic” but the only things I’ve ever found curious about the webcomic are is distinct lack of humor and how it seems to copy The Oatmeal’s style. After the gay marriage ruling last week he published a webcomic “explaining” to gay people that he loves them.

He starts the “comic”* by claiming they homosexuals are not really on the opposite side of the culture war by saying we are all sinners, of course he does this by claiming any sexual thoughts about anyone your aren’t married to (gay marriage doesn’t count) are wrong, and of course sermonizing about how we all need Jesus. So he starts this comic with a bunch of sex negativity, invoking the concept of thought crimes, and preaching at us, a less than auspicious beginning to this argument.

Then he moves on to the next predictable argument, he claims he isn’t saying that his way is better than our way but that god’s way is better than our way. There are several problems here, for one lots of people would dispute his claim to know what god really wants. (or whether or not there even IS a God) See, what he doesn’t get is that we atheists tend to view statements as a sort of supernatural version of “don’t shoot the messenger.” It seems clear that they think this statement is supposed to imply humility, but the claim to know what the creator of the universe wants is not exactly dripping with humility. Either way they are still claiming to hold a correct opinion about something, the source of the opinion is not really important, I think I’m right and they are wrong, but I own that, it’s frustrating that they refuse to do the same.

Then he goes on to say we have to give up things to be with god, “even sex,” he says. A disappointingly predictable statement that is built on the assumption that homosexual relationships are about nothing except sexual gratification. I suspect he would be offended if anyone suggested the love he has for his wife could be summed up as nothing but lust and sexual satisfaction, but he sees no problem doing the same for homosexuals.

Finally the most insulting part of the entire “comic.”* He claims that everyone else wants to “exploit” peoples “gayness.” He claims that all the business owners, politicians, and liberal “churches” (Scare quotes to indicate that liberals aren’t real Christians) are just using gay people rather than truly supporting their cause. How he can state with such certainty that every single member of those groups are being disingenuous about their support he doesn’t explain, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen him generalize about entire groups based on no information.

You might ask, if Adam is convinced all those groups are lying, who is it, he thinks, really loves gay people? The very predictable answer? God, and Adam, of course, they really love gay people, so much they are want to save you from what god will do to you if you keep being gay. He says:

We do not hate you. We love you. We do not want you to be unhappy. We want you to be supremely and eternally happy. We do not want to deprive you of rights. We want you to have every right God so graciously bestows upon his children. We do not want to keep you from fulfillment. We want you to have the true fulfillment which is found only in Christ.

Adam, a message if you, or anyone who thinks like you, ever happen to read this, I want to humbly submit to you that you do not understand what love is. If you actually loved Homosexuals, or for that mater atheists and other non-believers, you would actually ask us if we are happy and fulfilled, rather than assume that we can only be those things if we join your religion. You treat us, not as people, but as projects for you to work on. Being loving means respecting other’s rights to make their own choices, even if you think those choices are wrong. Insisting that we are broken and need to be fixed while refusing to accept our own accounts of our motivations and thoughts is not loving in any meaningful sense.

Not only that, but to claim that you love a mass of people you have never even met doesn’t really make any sense, it’s just feel good rhetoric that you repeat because you believe the bible says you are supposed to love everyone, and if all you mean when you say you love them is that you want them to be happy in some vague generalized way then you have a low bar for “love.” I generally want those things for the mass of humans on this planet too, but I wouldn’t dare compare it with the feelings I have for my wife, daughter, or my friends.

Further, claiming you don’t want to take way other people’s civil rights but then subtly suggesting others aren’t entitled to certain rights (like gay marriage) because they aren’t rights god wants to give us, is by no means respectful of our rights. Not that I expect you to be respectful of those rights, after all you said yourself in this same comic that it’s “rebellious” to want to go our own way. Christianity, at least your version of it, is fundamentally incompatible with the notion of civil rights, as it demands that we subsume all our “rights” to what god wants. If you want to have an honest debate with unbelievers at least admit that this is the case. Claiming to want to guarantee other’s civil rights while advocating they join a religious system which fundamentally denies one’s right to self determination is disingenuous at best. 

He ends in trying to justify evangelism.

Just like a guy loved me ten years ago when I was a devout atheist, hostile towards Christians and he decided to tell me about Jesus anyway.

Love seeks the highest good of another.

First off, when someone says they were a once a “devout” atheist, or claims they were “hostile towards Christians,” I immediately suspect them of being dishonest. Most of the time I find that people who say things like this end up being sort of backslidden Christians before their “conversion.”

Either way, this is just a rationalization to justify forcing your ideas on other people. “Love seeks the highest good of another.” is just high minded rhetoric to defend your unwillingness to respect other people’s personal boundaries. I get it, you think we are going to hell, and in your mind this justifies violating our personal boundaries. However, you presumably wrote this comic because you feel like your own boundaries have been violated, by the recent SCOTUS decision. They actually haven’t been, but the point is that if you want other people to respect your personal boundaries you owe it to them to do the same. The question isn’t whether or not you love us enough to try to save us, but whether you love us enough to allow us to make our own way in life, even if that way means that we, in your estimation of things, will end up in hell.

* I put “comic” in scare quotes because 90% of his comics are almost always text. It’s usually more like a blog with a few interspersed drawings that he happened to store in PNG format instead of text.

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