More than half of Fox News statements which Politifact rated were false.

So Pundit Fact recently publishes figures, based upon Politifacts fact checking, which examine how often each of the major news networks got their facts right. Unsurprisingly Fox News continually scores the worst in this examination.

Statements made on FOX.

Their current highest score is in false claims, and they got a combined score from “pants on fire,” “false,” and “mostly false” of 61%, while “true,” and “mostly true” statements combine for a paltry 21%

MSNBC didn’t do that great either, but at least it’s combination of false statements still falls 20% lower than Fox at 41%, CNN actually scored much better than both, scoring 55% in mostly true or better statements, and getting only 22% in mostly false or worse.

These reports should make us examine the news we consume on any station carefully. Further it should be noted that politifact doesn’t fact check every claim so it’s possible that the figures are not accurate as a general reference to the stations. On the other hand why on earth would people chose to get news from a source that, when checked, is wrong more than 3/5 of the time?

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