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How one man justified his own bigotry by blaming atheists.

I ran across a baffling exchange last night before I went to bed. There was a particular statement that most bothered me which I will quote. I’d link directly to the blog but for two things. One I don’t want … Continue reading

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Soup kitchen director refuses to allow atheists to volunteer

So this story has been making it’s rounds. The atheist group upstate atheists tried to volunteer at a soup kitchen run by a church. They were turned down, the director saying she would resign for her job before she let … Continue reading

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Atheists: Valuable to religion or a “spiritual cancer”

I’m always slightly amused when members of a religion start debates about whether atheists have some legitimate purpose or should be allowed to exist. Even the ones who argue the point in the affirmative usually argue from a perspective of … Continue reading

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Reaction to atheist who beat up a pastor in his church.

A recent story has about an atheist named James Maxie who beat up a pastor has been making it’s rounds around the blogosphere, including the Friendly Atheist Blog. Some theists have tried to use this mans actions as an indictment … Continue reading

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Christian argues the only real solution to health care is to let the church handle it.

Ran across this Christian criticism of the ACA today. 7 Things the Bible Says About Obamacare I know, I know, everyone has an opinion about the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent Republican shut down of the government. In all … Continue reading

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Scalia believes in the devil and ad hoc reasoning.

Justice Scalia believes in the devil according to an interview published in New York Magazine. Some people, including the interviewer, seemed surprised by this fact. I was actually more surprised by the interviewers surprise. Didn’t the interviewer know anything about … Continue reading

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Geek USA

I just saw this a trailer on Hulu for a movie coming out this year about high school student growing up in the 90’s who is a member of an alternative band. The moving is set in 1997, the same … Continue reading

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Atheists who don’t like atheism.

Every one in a while I run across a “can’t we all just get along” article from some atheist who just doesn’t understand why other atheists just can’t seem to get along with theists. Articles like this one: Heavens, we … Continue reading

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Psychologist who writes for fox news blames feminism for Weiner’s sexting scandal.

So this article was published a couple of months ago but I just ran into it a few days ago and it was just too ridiculous to pass up commenting on. What Weiner’s sexting scandal tells us about young women … Continue reading

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The Blaze talks about evolution, also never read the comments on a Blaze article.

I ran across an article about creationism and evolution over at the Blaze today. Evolution vs. Creationism: Did God create humans in our current form? The article starts out by referencing an article on Yahoo news that Virginia Heffernan wrote … Continue reading

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