I see ridiculous tweets.

I saw a post on twitter this evening that went like this.

The main reason for the existence of atheism is Christians who do not follow Jesus.

— Colton Graham (@LucasColtGraham) August 3, 2013

Now Christians say this all the time but I find it rather presumptuous, it’s as if they are the only game in town. Atheists have to pick, Christianity or Atheism. This is silly because there are plenty of other religions out there. Most people who are atheists are going to disbelieve for other reasons, since if this were there reason they might just as well go off and join some other religion.

I pointed this out to him and ended up in a short conversation that turned to the bible and he had this to say about slavery in the bible.

@SkeptimusPrime the servant who believed in God did not believe the wealthier person owned them. Only in this life did they have power

— Colton Graham (@LucasColtGraham) August 3, 2013

So there you have it folks, slavery was ok because you were only a slave for life, you got to go free once you died.

And he also said this

@SkeptimusPrime are employees working under a company owner not the same as modern day slaves? Yet you don’t find this immoral

— Colton Graham (@LucasColtGraham) August 3, 2013

Don’t get me wrong I have some problems with the way modern American Capitalism is run, but to claim it is exactly the same as a system that allowed you to beat your slave to death as long as it took a couple of days for him to die, (Exodus 21:20-21) is just plan ridiculous.

It’s like the old joke PSA Futurama did about downloading songs from the internet being exactly like ripping out a beating human heart. Except that was a joke and this guy was apparently serious.

Of course when none of that works he throws out Pascal’s freaking wager.

@SkeptimusPrime one more thing, if I’m wrong about then I’ve only wasted my life trying. If you’re wrong, its eternity in punishment.

— Colton Graham (@LucasColtGraham) August 3, 2013

We moved on to science and of course he asked about evolution, when I answered I got this gem.

@SkeptimusPrime if so, why is evolution still not occurring?

— Colton Graham (@LucasColtGraham) August 3, 2013

Then he ended with this one.

@SkeptimusPrime I’ll tell you what, I’ll pray for you. You continue to search for answers. Maybe one day you will have them.

— Colton Graham (@LucasColtGraham) August 3, 2013

I replied.

@LucasColtGraham Very well, I’ll hope that one day you educate yourself on how amazing the world actually is.

— Dylan Walker (@SkeptimusPrime) August 3, 2013

@LucasColtGraham and learn to respect evidence and rational inquiry over a comfortable but blind belief.

— Dylan Walker (@SkeptimusPrime) August 3, 2013

Overall more polite than many of my interactions on twitter, but still full of the same bad arguments that drove me to stop believing in the first place. I think it’s funny how Christians always talk about one day having the answers. They talk about it as this final thing where you finally know what’s going on and can just stop thinking. Personally I am a curious person and don’t much mind the uncertainty of rational thought. It just means there is more thinking to be done, and I actually like thinking.

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