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DOMA, Prop 8, and various rants about the decision

So most people probably know the news about one of the key parts of DOMA being overturned, giving married gay couples federal benefits. Also the courts refusal to rule on prop 8, making my new home state of California the … Continue reading

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A couple of thoughts on the voting rights act decision

By now most of you have probably heard about the Supreme court’s decision to overturn section 5 of the voting rights act which required nine states with a history of racial discrimination to obtain federal permission to change voting rules. … Continue reading

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The myth of Christian persecution

I have had a number of conversations with theists in the last couple of months who, at some point in the conversation, brought up the notion of Christian persecution. Now, in this case I’m not talking about historical persecution, or … Continue reading

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Well I’m all moved now.

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, with all the moving and everything I’ve been letting things go a bit, but me and the fiancé are settled into the new place in Oakland, though there is still some unpacking to … Continue reading

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Have you seen this car

So on my fiancé Megan and I took a trip out to Oakland last week to look for an apartment. We found one sot that was good. However I left my car parked on a street behind my fiancé’s apartment … Continue reading

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Just a little follow up on the debate I did back in April

  Sorry, I’ve not been posting lately, I’ve been super busy with packing and moving for my move to Oakland with my fiancé. I have a couple of posts I would like to work on but have been too busy … Continue reading

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