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My personal experience with relationships as I came out of religion.

When I left behind my religious beliefs about ten years ago I was at a loss at how to live in a number of ways. I had organized much of my life around bible studies, church, religious conferences, etc. I … Continue reading

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Fundamentalists suddenly offended by “under God” when pledge was recited in Arabic.

It seems I can still be amazed at the lack of self awareness fundamentalist groups can display. Outrage as high school recites Pledge in Arabic saying ‘One Nation Under Allah’ So to sum up, the principal of a school in … Continue reading

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A typical rant on Fox News about plan B.

Dr. Manny Alvarez goes on a rant about how the government is intruding into medicine by allowing 15 year old women to purchase plan B pills with no prescription: He says that at 15 these women are still children, which, … Continue reading

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Found an interesting note sent to me when I was a Christian.

I’ve been cleaning up for moving and I found a note that was sent to me back during my senior year of high-school by some fellow campers at a religious summer camp I went to.  I attended Methodist church in … Continue reading

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Ken Ham waxing about how atheists are persecuting Christians.

A story has been floating around the blogosphere about a man who was upset to find his child was being taught nonsense science claims at a private school he was sending his child to. Children are being taught in the … Continue reading

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