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An argument I wish people would stop using: Atheism is a religion like bald is a hair color.

A meme has being going around the internet for a while now. It’s usually something like atheism is a religion like bald is a hair color, off is a T.V. station, not collecting stamps is a hobby or other similar … Continue reading

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Creationist bets 10,000 dollars no one can disprove Genesis.

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, a member of the Creation Science Hall of Fame, wagered $10,000 that evolutionists cannot disprove the literal reading of Genesis.  I would note that Mastropaolo’s Ph.D. is in kinesiology and is therefore not terribly … Continue reading

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Back from American Atheist convention and other things.

I apologize for not posting much this month, but I have been doing things. I Spent this week in at the American Atheist Convention in Austin, TX. I met a lot of people in the movement I haven’t had the … Continue reading

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