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Why non-overlapping magisteria doesn’t work.

Non-overlapping magisteria is an idea presented by Steven Jay Gould which basically argues that religion and science can coexist because they focus on different claims.  In non-overlapping magisteria or NOMA for short it is said that science rules over the … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio responds to the president or does he?

I’ve listened to Rubio’s response several times now and I noticed something worth commenting on. Early in Rubio’s speech he brings up his concern that liberals always make an unfair assessment of the motives for the current Republican party. Claiming … Continue reading

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SkeptiCamp Talk: Religion and Science

Sorry,  I meant to put a link up to this right after the talk but I kinda forgot about it. You can follow this link to my video directly. Religion and Science: An examination of the protestant reformations effect on … Continue reading

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She’s a witch, burn her.

 This is a humorously intoned line from Monty Python’s search for the Holy Grail.  One of my all time favorite movies. For those who are unfamiliar the scene is involves people using horrible logic to justify burning a woman for … Continue reading

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“Academic freedom” bill proposed by Arizona state senate.

These so called academic freedom bills have been making their way around various states the last ten years or so. In fact, one just died in committee in Colorado. Now we have one on the docket in Arizona. amending Title15, … Continue reading

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