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Arizona Republicans Propose Bill That Would Not Allow Atheists To Graduate High School

So I ran across this on the Friendly Atheist today.  Since it is in my home state I felt I should comment. Bill HB2467 has been put forward in by Republicans in the Arizona legislature  which requires students to repeat … Continue reading

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Another Christian claims that atheism will spell some sort of shadowy doom for us all.

So I ran across this tonight.  Go ahead and read it: As atheism rises, America declines So now I’m going to offer a few thoughts on this spiteful bigoted piece of journalism.  First, it should be noted that even though … Continue reading

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Alcohol + Birthday + Karaoke = A Rick rolled bar.

So my birthday was this last weekend and this happened. Yeah, good thing I’m not planning on running for public office.

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Nerds are coming for us all! Alex Jones figured it out.

Ok, everything I’ve seen of this guy makes me convinced he is nuts but wow. Apparently we user our brains to hurt people because we weren’t jocks in high school. It does makes me a bit angry that this loon … Continue reading

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A couple of general announcements.

First off I made some business cards for the site and they came in today I think they came out pretty good. Second I will be doing a talk at SkeptiCamp on Jan 26 dealing with the intersection of science … Continue reading

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Book tells kids measles isn’t so bad.

Found this book for sale on Amazon today through a Salon article that tells kids that it’s safer to get Measles than a vaccination: Melanie’s Marvelous Measles  It’s a children’s book written by some anti-vaccination wackos from Australia. Review from … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig being dishonest in another debate.

I run across debates online every once and a while and a couple of days ago I ran across and excerpt from a debate between William Lane Craig and an atheist whom I have never heard of. The interesting part … Continue reading

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Science and Religion compatible? Not exactly.

I ran across an interview yesterday on Discover between Keith Kloor and Daniel Sarewitz. Making Sense of the Science Wars I actually agreed with most of it but Keith asks a question about whether religion and science are compatible and … Continue reading

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Relational Apologetics: A book review/criticism

This will be a rather long post.  I don’t often write book reviews here, but I do from time to time pick up a book written by someone I disagree with.  It is a good way to sharpen my debate … Continue reading

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Some good news out of New Orleans.

I’ve written about several of Louisiana’s weird attempts to push creationism in the last year so I suppose it’s nice that I can write something positive about the state in what will probably be my last post of the year. … Continue reading

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