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Fox news has “balanced” discussion of religious demographics study

So here is something that happened on fox news recently. They are speaking about this study. The “Unaffiliated” Are Now the Third-Largest Religious Group in the World  So the first thing I notice is the total lack of balance here.  … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas.

From SMBC Where you good this year?

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The end is nigh, run for your lives…or just have a party.

Every time some group or another predicts the end of the world skeptics groups have a party.  We did it last year with that ridiculous Harold Camping fiasco. And we are doing it again tomorrow night for the Mayan Calendar … Continue reading

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Christmas Music Pt. 5

This is a song by Tim Minchin.  Not funny like most of his stuff, but good none the less.

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Stupid people on Twitter.

So I’ve been posting on twitter more often lately since it allows me to network and it has netted me more followers. (Thanks for following me) In general I’ve had some good conversations, even the religious people I’ve debated have … Continue reading

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NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

Found this today and had to share. 

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Bobby Jindal’s statement about birth control not friendly to women’s rights.

Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana who is famous for his support of creationist nonsense in the Louisiana school system says something that on the surface seems reasonable.  He suggests that birth control should be made an over the counter … Continue reading

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Do whats right by the American people and create Voltron.

We need to get the word out about this.  There is a petition on that really needs to be considered by our government.  We all need to sign this petition to make the people’s will known to our president. … Continue reading

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Christmas Music Pt. 4 – Sweater Weather

Got a random song here. Sweater Weather – A Winter Anthem

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Matt Barber claims half of homosexuals were sexually abused.

So this video was posted up on  Barber: Almost Half of Gay Men Were Sexually Assaulted by Pedophiles as Children  They are discussing the new law that prevents minors from being forced into “gay reparative therapy.” Now, he does … Continue reading

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