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How to say something about your product without saying anything.

There is a commercial 5 hour energy has been playing on my Hulu account quite a bit lately and I found it pretty funny. They asked 3,000 doctors (though didn’t say how many actually answered) and the response? Over 73% … Continue reading

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Egyptian atheist arrested for posting ‘Innocence of Muslims’ on Facebook

So this happened: Egyptian atheist arrested for posting ‘Innocence of Muslims’ on Facebook   The video in question that he posted, kinda silly, but has caused riots all over the Middle East.      According to the article: Alber Saber … Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke is the real misogynist according to

 Sandra Fluke’s war on womanhood So Sandra Fluke made a speech at the Democratic National Convention.  I didn’t really watch much of the DNC myself because I generally have better things to do, but when I ran across this article … Continue reading

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Atheism+ and in-group/out-group dynamics.

I honestly wasn’t really planing on writing anything about atheism+.  Not that I didn’t generally agree with  most of the ideas there, but I didn’t really think I had anything brilliant to say on the topic, but then I thought … Continue reading

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