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Debate on Morality I did on ReapSowRadio.

So a few weeks ago I did a spot on the angry atheist podcast and I mentioned a few discussions I had had on the blog with Vocab Malone. Reap from angry atheist suggested we do a debate on his other show ReapSow Radio and Vocab … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot’s closing statement.

The band Pussy Riot offered a closing statement at their trial in Russia recently.  A translated version is offered here, and I thought I’d re-post it.  I found it well thought out and logical.  This trial appears to be a … Continue reading

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Tea Party and Religion.

I often hear from Tea Party fans who like to say that their concerns are only fiscal and they are not concerned with social conservative or religious issues.  Now I have my disagreements with some of their fiscal ideas but … Continue reading

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Meat does not work that way.

I was on Google+ earlier today and this photo was posted under the Did you Know page: With it was the following statement: The watermelon is easily digestible, and will be excavated much faster than the burger and fries below. … Continue reading

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Apparently Russia hasn’t learned their lesson.

You would think Russia would have learned a lesson about the need for free speech after the whole communism thing, but apparently they have not. Pussy Riot braces for sentence They have a humorous name, but what is happening to … Continue reading

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Alexander Aan imprisoned for 30 months.

Alexander Aan has been imprisoned for 30 months in Indonesia for posting “God doesn’t exist” on his Facebook page.  Amnesty international describes this as a serious setback for freedom of expression and I agree.  No one should be imprisoned for … Continue reading

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