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Angry Atheist Podcast.

I did an interview with the angry atheist this morning. Anyone who is interested can give it a listen.

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Vouchers and schools and creationists, oh my!

I wrote last weekend about a school voucher program going on in Louisiana.  While I am against vouchers for several different reasons this is understandably a complicated issue with a lot of competing issues to consider.  NCSE published an article … Continue reading

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Rabbi Moshe Averick explains to us how he doesn’t understand evolution or atheism.

I’ve written about Moshe Averick a few times before.  Every so often he like to make some inflammatory  post over at the algemeiner about how atheists are amoral and so on. Moshe Averick’s Article: …But Atheism Does Teach That We’re … Continue reading

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This is not the way to do things people.

So I ran into this the other day.  Read, through the posts, I’ll give you some time. Now, I don’t really care what rock these people crawled out from under, I don’t care if they believe in god or not … Continue reading

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Louisiana up to crazy anti science stuff.

Louisiana is heavily pursuing a school voucher program for the 2012/2013 school year.  I probably don’t have to tell my readers I think this is incredibly stupid.  It will no doubt land children in schools explicitly teaching creationism over evolution … Continue reading

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Back from TAM2012

Had a great time at TAM this year.  Even ran into a fellow religious studies major from the college I went to.  Hadn’t seen him in about 12 years.  Watching Penn Jillette play bass was pretty entertaining too. Also got … Continue reading

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Kirk Cameron got some CCOKC

So a bunch of former child actors got together and formed an organization with the acronym CCOKC, short for “child celebrities opposing Kirk Cameron.”  Also, yes, it is pronounced cock. Video here: Yes, that’s right.  There is now an entire … Continue reading

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FLDS church memebers bury cat alive in Concrete?

Wow, I wish I had something creative to say here, but this is just sick. Cat Buried Alive In Concrete A Warning Message From Polygamists? The cat was discovered at the home of an ex-FLDS member who has spoken out … Continue reading

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Jail Time for Phoenix man in jail over bible study.

Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home Well, that’s what the headlines of the all the articles read. But then we all know how the press loves sensationalism. Truthfully when I first read about this … Continue reading

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Sexual selection may not favor promiscuity among males after all.

Occasionally I find myself in a debate about human sexuality and I have noticed a couple of common tropes that come up over and over again. Of course many will know the common ones that come from various groups of … Continue reading

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