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David Silverman toughing it out on Fox News again.

What follows is a discussion about findings that 54% of Americans would vote for an atheist president. You can view the video here: Now, one of my biggest problems with fox news has to be the unprofessional behavior of the … Continue reading

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Christians not allowed special privileges choose to take ball and go home.

So this has been going on: Santa Monica Nativity Scene Ban Results From Atheist Controversy  To give a bit of background for many years Santa Monica has allowed Nativity scenes to be erected on public park space for a number … Continue reading

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Christian salvation and why it makes no sense.

I’m sure it is no surprise to any regular readers that there are a lot of things I find disagreeable or downright immoral in the bible.  From the downright frightening way all of the Abrahamic religions advise we treat women to ludicrous insults hurled at … Continue reading

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There is just no nice way to say some things.

I ran across an interesting article over at skepchick today that I found interesting. A Few Things To Stop Doing When You Find a Feminist Blog The author poses several questions that she gets asked often and answers them, one question and answer … Continue reading

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