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Pastor Charles Worley says that we should lock gay people in an electric fence.

Standing ovation greets Pastor Charles Worley, who made anti-gay statements I don’t even know what to say about this.   Worley is met with cheers and claps when he says: I figured a way out, a way to get rid … Continue reading

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Going to ComiCon today.

Going to be out at ComiCon today so no detailed post but I’ll leave you with a video some friends showed me the other night: Shit Skeptics say: I think I have easily said almost everything on this list. I … Continue reading

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New Facebook page.

Just a heads up. I created a Facebook page for this blog which I’m sure everyone will want to run over and “like” immediately. It’ll be a good way to get notifications of blog updates if you don’t use … Continue reading

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Atheists are having an effect, even if theists like to deny it.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post detailing a review of one of the chapters in a book entitled “True Reason.” This was put out by a Christian ministry in an attempt to argue that Christianity is actually more reasonable than non-belief.  Now, the … Continue reading

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Heartland Institute loosing funding.

This billboard in case you forgot. I wrote a while back about Heartland Institute’s atrocious billboard.  Apparently people quite a few people were angry about the billboard, even groups that have been funding them up to now. According to this press release heartland … Continue reading

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SpaceX Launch Successful.

This is truly awesome. It was just an unmanned test flight, but still it is quite an achievement.  It’s proof that we no longer need to depend solely on governments to give us space flight.  I am super excited about … Continue reading

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New career opportunities for atheists?

Saw this comic over at the Friendly Atheist blog and decided to re-post it.

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The post in which I beat up on liberal religion.

Most of my posts on religion naturally speak about more conservative or fundamentalists varieties of religion because those are the ones which tend to impact society the most, but my skepticism leads me to reject all religious claims including the more liberal types. Sure liberal … Continue reading

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Arizona High School Forfeits Baseball Final over Female Player

Arizona High School Forfeits Baseball Final over Female Player Paige Sultzbach  I’ve written about this before but Conservative Christians usually don’t respect women, they think they do, but clearly have no idea what respect actually is.  What they respect is … Continue reading

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White Supremacist Runs for Sheriff in Idaho

White Supremacist Shaun Winkler Burns Cross, Runs for Sheriff in Idaho  Shaun Winkler At first  I thought this had to be made up, the guy is just running though, hopefully he has no chance of winning. My favorite disturbing quote … Continue reading

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