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Uh….you do know that you said that out loud right?

Mississippi Gov. Says Democrats ‘One Mission in Life Is to Abort Children I will honestly acknowledge being a liberal, though like most liberals I don’t always agree with the democratic party…but this, I am honestly speechless.  I get the abortion is a controversial issue but … Continue reading

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News reports finally live up to my childhood expectations of what the future would be like.

So this is going on: Company plans to mine asteroids orbiting near the Earth Planetary Resources is building ships for asteroid mining, and even making long term plans for building orbital fuel depots that can break down water extracted from asteroids for the … Continue reading

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Don McLeroy is NOT a skeptic

So last night Don McLeroy was on Colbert Report and I happened to catch the episode this morning on Hulu.  McLeroy is the former member of the Texas state board of education that used his position to foist his beliefs … Continue reading

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The post in which I am a huge nerd.

So my weekly hikes with the local atheist group have been making me feel a bit out of shape and I thought I should maybe exercise a bit more.  This left me a bit of a conundrum though.  See I … Continue reading

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Abstinence only education is a joke.

Let me first apologize for what is going to be a very statistics heavy post.  Well I would say that except statistics are awesome.  Science, YAY! I have a religious family so I hear the line about abstinence education every … Continue reading

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Cancer Vaccine will magically make us all live forever.

I’ve read quite a bit about this so called cancer vaccine ImMucin in the news the last several days because it is starting human trials and thought I would comment a bit. First, let me say that I am most … Continue reading

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Happy Zombie Jesus day.

Today is the day that Christians everywhere celebrate Jesus rising from the grave. We should all remember that if he tried that kind of shit today nerds would break out the shotguns and chainsaw arms and put Jesus back.  A … Continue reading

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