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Jesus dance

For those of you who think I am going to hell for my atheism here is a video I found on YouTube made by someone who may well end up there first.  This video made me smile.

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UFO meeting in the phoenix area

UFOs are talk of the town in Fountain Hills I did not know this until I saw a local news report on TV, but apparently Arizona is hosting one of the largest UFO conferences in the United States this year.  … Continue reading

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My life story, Part I

Me at around thirteen. My blog has been up and running for well over a month now, and I seem to actually be getting a few readers.  I am happy about this, though I doubt I will ever be as … Continue reading

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Sometimes religious people get it right

Debunking Church-State Separation Myths I ran across this article yesterday, by a Baptist of all people, written debunking many myths about church-state separation that are spread by the religious right. Everyone knows how often I rant about church state separation … Continue reading

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Bible studies in public shools

Bible Classes In Public Schools Debated So Kentucky it trying to push a bill through offering a bible study class in public schools.  I know, hard to believe from the state that brought us the Creation Science Museum, but its … Continue reading

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Why can’t we all just get along? This is why.

An Open Letter to the Atheist Community I ran across this article by Rabbi Adam Jacobs when I saw a link to it over on the Atheist Experience blog.  Rabbi Jacobs writes this to say that he wants atheists and … Continue reading

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Athiests are all doomed….apperently….I guess.

Clergy told to take on the ‘new atheists’ The ruination of atheists everywhere or a confused man with bad grooming habits…you be the judge. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams of the Church of England is working to fight against all of … Continue reading

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Pinheads for everybody

  Everyone should remember Bill O’Reilly’s idiotic comment about the tides proving god’s existence.  I talked about it in a post last month.  It seems that those of us on the blogosphere struck a nerve with O’Reilly causing him to … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson vs. Clebe McClary. Who will emerge victorious?

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has for an injunction to block Clebe McClary from speaking at the Marine academy prayer luncheon.  This has prompted another shit storm of controversy about what role religion should be able to play in the … Continue reading

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I weep for america’s science education.

Pseudoscience plagues the health of our nation   I ran across this article today. I was aware of most of the facts contained therein but there were a couple of things that I found disturbing, though not particularly shocking. In … Continue reading

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