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Japanese Scientists to “un-extinct” the mighty mammoth          In the news recently, a Japanese scientist, professor Akira Iritani, professor emeritus at Kyoto University, is planing on using cloning technology to bring the mammoth back from extinction. When asked why they are doing this Akira replied, … Continue reading

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Homosexuals, the perfect scape goat for…well everything apperently.

Gay Men to Blame for Anorexic Models from OnKneesforJesus on Vimeo.                 While I am no fan of the modeling industry, this guy is just ridiculous.  Molotov Mitchell, a commentator for World Net Daily, posted this video recently.  According to … Continue reading

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God needs to take a speech class.

           I read Blag Hag today and saw post which I could not resist commenting on.  Cindy Jabobs, self-styled prophet and founder of the organization “GeneralsInternational,” apparently has a penchant for making grandiose claims.  One of her most grandiose and, … Continue reading

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Pakistan, land of the not so free.

 Washinton post article on the assassination             Currently Pakistan is dealing with tens of thousands of protesters.  What are they protesting for, freedom, for women to be given equal rights?  Not at all, they are protesting against a suggestion that … Continue reading

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Tides go in, Tides go out, and religion as a scam

            American Atheists recently put up this billboard, as an advertisement for the southeast regional atheist meet.  As a result David Silverman, current head of American Atheists was asked to speak on the O’Reilly Factor.  I didn’t catch the interview … Continue reading

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Skepticism and Atheism

          I have in recent months seen what appears to be a gulf growing between the atheist movement and the skeptic movement.  Now, let me clarify a bit by offering that I do not think that the two groups are … Continue reading

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