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More proof that Creationists are idiots.

Dinosaurs Survived Mass Extinction by 700,000 Years, Fossil Find Suggests  Until recently the common agreement among scientists was that Dinosaurs had been completely wiped out between 65.5 and 66 million years ago.  However researchers from University of Alberta have recently … Continue reading

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Peer pressure.

Finally caved to it and created a Twitter account.  My user name is SkeptimusPrime.

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Site Layout

I have been working on improving the layout of the site, everyone let me know what you think of the new look and if there is anything I should do that would improve it.

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Questions that don’t need to be asked.

Can crystals help you loose weight?                 I ran across this article yesterday.  Apparently the writer of the article believes that “crystals can be an effective way to change the energy within the mind to facilitate weight loss.”   The author … Continue reading

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Atheists are all a bunch of angry jerks.

City Tries to Tax Churches; Atheists Say it’s a Good Start From                 I ran across this article today, but what I want to talk about is not so much the article as the comments on it.  I saw … Continue reading

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Let’s convert Muslims at the point of the sword…hey it worked for them right?

  Nation-building? No, Christian-building                 Ok, anyone who has been around the interwebs for a while knows that World Net Daily isn’t so much a news organization as a large mill for pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, and blatant bigotry against anyone … Continue reading

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God’s Press Conference

            The guys over at SMBC Comics put up a video that I thought fellow atheists might appreciate.  I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow, in the mean time enjoy.

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Waaahhh!!! I’m being persicuted, the goverment stopped protecting my right to be a bigot.

                  For those who don’t know, Gordon Klingenschmitt, was a Navy Chaplin who was discharged for misconduct more than four years ago.  He wore his uniform to a rally hosted by the religious right which criticized the government’s policy … Continue reading

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Revelation of Wakefield’s fraudulent Autism study is unlikely to convince the anti-vaxers.

          This morning I ran across an article on USA Today speaking about the recent revelation that Andrew Wakefield‘s 1998 study on the link between autism and the MMR vaccine was not only inaccurate but fraudulent.  Some seemed to think … Continue reading

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Precognitive Porn

New York Times Article  Dr. Daryl J. Bem, a well-known professor of psychology at Cornell, has managed to prove that people have ESP, at least in regards to where nude pictures are stashed.  This of course begs the question of … Continue reading

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